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Success in the BioPharma industry requires agile, A-level talent that can drive results today while strategically preparing for tomorrow. The tenured BioTech Executive Search Team at Govig & Associates has a proven track record of identifying and delivering top talent efficiently.  Our streamlined project management process ensures success in even the most time-sensitive searches, and one of our strengths is working with companies that have large hiring initiatives.

Today’s pharmaceutical and biotech environment is turbulent, and companies face ongoing struggles to balance cost controls, regulatory demands, and profitability. The future is always unpredictable, but the right talent keeps an organization competitive, no matter the market conditions.








Areas of Expertise

  • Clinical Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Market Access
  • Marketing
  • Medical Affairs
  • Operations
  • Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs

Types of Positions Our Teams Work On

  • Chief Medical Officer
  • Director of Strategic Accounts
  • Medical Science Liaison
  • Pharmaceutical Executive
  • Pharmaceutical Director
  • Pharmaceutical Sales Specialist
  • Senior Director of Sales
  • Senior Director of Operations
  • Senior Director of Medical Affairs
  • Vice President of Market Access

A Recent Case Study: Heplisav-B Launched by Dynavax

Govig Recruits Specialized Marketing Team to Launch Dynavax’s Heplisav-B

Approximately 1.2 million people are diagnosed with Hepatitis B in the United States each year. Hepatitis B is a viral infection that attacks the liver; causing both acute and chronic disease.1 Dynavax’s Heplisav-B is the first new vaccine approved in 25 years for prevention of Hepatitis B. This revolutionary vaccine is the most efficacious vaccine on the market, 95% effective in the prevention of Hepatitis B and requiring only two-doses a month apart.

Dynavax is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on developing preventative treatments for autoimmune, inflammatory, and infectious diseases. With the introduction of Heplisav-B, Dynavax CEO, Eddie Gray, predicted the market for the vaccine would grow by $500-$600 million per year.

In November 2017, Dynavax had only three months to assemble a strong marketing team to launch Heplisav-B to the market. The team had to be experienced in vaccines and locally based (Berkeley, CA). To meet this challenge, Dynavax partnered with Govig to recruit two Associate Directors of Marketing and three Medical Science Liaisons.
Govig filled all five positions with exceptional candidates in 81 days!

About Govig
Govig & Associates is a national executive recruitment firm that puts people first. Founded in 1978 by two entrepreneurs from rural Iowa, Govig combines small-town business values with sophisticated market knowledge providing a customized solution for clients and candidates. The professional staff offers deep industry expertise, specializing in Bio-Pharma, Building Products, Tax, Construction, and Healthcare as well as placements specific to the Phoenix Market.

Govig recruiters care and strive to get exactly the right match for everyone. They work closely with companies and organizations to understand their philosophy, project needs, and deadlines. Spending time getting to know potential candidates allows recruiters to identify their skills, goals, and values. Through this tailored approach, Govig matches clients with extremely well-suited candidates who fit their company culture.

Communication is key to a successful placement. Realizing that a career move is a life-changing event and the importance of the right fit for the position, Govig recruiters regularly confer with both clients and candidates throughout the recruitment process. Building strong and open relationships is the best approach for matching clients with the most capable candidates who will enjoy their work. By investing time and effort into developing long-lasting partnerships with clients and candidates, Govig provides a streamlined hiring process placing the highest quality talent.

Positions Filled!
(Associate Director of Marketing) Senior Product Manager, Promotions: Responsibilities include contributing to the development and execution of programs, customer segments, and the launching of commercial projects. Those who are hired for these positions have strong management and leadership skill that provide for effective and successful marketing programs through strategy, tactical implementations, and creativity.

Jackie Messinger:
Time to fill the position was 32 business days.

Lucy Paik:
Time to fill the position was 31 business days.

(Medical Science Liaison) Regional Director, Medical Affairs/Sciences Liaison: This position requires active management, oversight, and extensive knowledge of medical affairs on a regional and national scale.

Brian Faulconer:
Time to fill the position was 52 business days.

Rachel Clark:
Time to fill the position was 81 business days.

John Youhanna:
Time to fill the position was 30 business days.

1. “Hepatitis B.” World Health Organization, World Health Organization, 18 July 2018,

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