How to Decide Between 2 Job Offers

So you’ve gone through the interview process and have received multiple job offers. First off, let me say congratulations. Once the celebration is over, you’ll need to make a decision. Here are five key factors to consider when determining which choice is going to be the best for you: 1.… Read more

Challenge Yourself to Think Like a Millennial

This is the second of a three-part series about millennials and how they can be beneficial to your business. Last week, I discussed misconceptions about millennials, so this week I’d like to talk about rebranding our initiatives for them. Finding Your “Why” We should all have a “why” but to… Read more

Ace Your Next Interview With the STAR Method

In today’s marketplace, more and more employers are using behavioral-based interviews. This style of interview is designed to examine applicants based on past behavior and performances. A behavior-based interview might start off with questions like “Tell me about a time when . . .” or “Give me an example of… Read more

How Are Millennial Employees Different?

For the past 15 years, I’ve been lucky enough to hire, train, and engage with Millennials. There is a lot of negativity surrounding the subject of Millennials entering the workforce, but today I want to focus on some positives. Actually, millennials can bring a lot of benefits to a work… Read more

Structuring Your Sales Team to Meet or Exceed Your Sales Goals

With 2017 quickly coming to a close, companies are looking at their infrastructure and deciding how they want to enter 2018 in order to meet or exceed their sales goals. It’s common in the building products industry, both commercial and residential, for companies to have a go-to-market strategy with either… Read more

The Dating Game: How Interviewing for a Job and Finding Love Are Similar

When I began my career at Govig & Associates, I was an executive recruiter on our Biopharma team. I noticed that a lot of tenured executives would compare interviewing to dating. This was a curious comparison to me, but as I learned more, I realized that they were correct. If… Read more

Bring These 7 Things to Any Job Interview

Today I’m going to be talking to you about seven things you ought to bring to every job interview. 1. Directions and contact information. If you’ve never been to the location of your interview before, it’s important to have directions to your interview ahead of time and also have the… Read more

How to Prepare for Multiple Interviews in the Same Day

When you’re a candidate that’s going in for a full day of interviews with a company, it can be daunting to have to talk to so many different people. You want to sound as fresh in the end as you do in the beginning, but that can be tough. One… Read more

Why Do Good Employees Leave to Find Work Elsewhere?

Today I’m going to talk about the six reasons why employees leave their organizations, and what you can do as an employer to make sure that you’re competitive in those areas to retain those employees. The six main reasons for which an employee will leave their organizations are challenge, location,… Read more

Do You Know How Stress Is Impacting Your Life and Business?

Today I want to discuss some strategies which can be used to manage the stress caused by changes happening in the market and around us every single day. This kind of rapid change creates an overarching stress which can affect us in ways we don’t even realize. Stress impacts everything… Read more