How to Nail Any Interview

To hiring managers, little things truly do make a big difference. What exactly does that mean for you? Because of the high volume of people hiring managers interview, standing out is critical. Qualifications aside, being memorable can greatly improve your chances of nailing an interview. If you are the only… Read more

3 Tips to Spice Up Your Interview

There are three little things that tend to separate good candidates from the rest in the interviewing process First, make sure that you’re standing up during the phone interview. Sitting down compresses the diaphragm and naturally makes you sound as though you aren’t engaged or excited about the conversation. Phone… Read more

What Makes Someone Change Careers?

What are the factors that lead someone to make a job change? When people seek a career change, the reason usually comes down to one of six things. Challenge. If they feel that their current position lacks challenge, a person may feel inclined to leave. People who seek out opportunities… Read more

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Govig?

Why should you hire Govig? We stand out from the competition in a few important ways. First of all, as the vice president and executive recruiter, I’ve been in the industry for more than 18 years, so I appreciate the challenges operators face. In those 18 years, I’ve made some… Read more

How to up Your Game as an Interviewer

As a manager, how can you be an effective interviewer? A majority of people spend somewhere around five minutes preparing themselves for an interview. For some managers, this preparation may not even be done until right before the interview itself. Giving a quick glance at someone’s resume before you interview… Read more