How to Find Great DON Candidates

When I started here eight years ago, we were able to find a qualified director of nursing candidates within 72 hours, generally, but times have changed. In January of 2017 alone, there were 7,500 postings for director of nursing candidates and only 1,200 active candidates, which shows the scarcity of… Read more

The Best Way to Figure Out Who You Want to Hire

How do you define the profile of a person you are looking to hire? Defining the type of person you want to hire may seem difficult to do. However, whenever we ask someone who they don’t want to hire, the answer comes very easily to them. So, if you are… Read more

The Best Ways to Prepare for an Interview

How do you effectively interview? How can you prepare for an interview? Whether you are a two-year or 15-year veteran, most people are not good at interviewing for two reasons. First of all, socially, we are not really allowed to talk highly about ourselves or brag about ourselves, so we’re… Read more

What Benefits Are Wooing Candidates?

Today we are here to answer a question from Jennie, an HR manager in the Twin Cities who asked, “What are candidates honing in on right now when choosing an employer?” The first big thing we are hearing from candidates is that they want to join a company that is… Read more

Never Put These 5 Things on Your Resume

Request a Consultation – Hire Us to Fill Your Job Openings As you already know, there are a ton of resources available out there that show how to write a great resume. In turn, we’re often asked what not to put on a resume. So today, we wanted to provide… Read more

How to Effectively Negotiate Your Salary

The question of how to be effective at salary negotiation is a common one for us, so we wanted to cover it for all of you who have been asking the same question. As we discuss salary negotiations, there are three main topics I want to cover. Although they might… Read more

What’s the Top Trait We Look for in a Recruiter?

What’s the number one trait we look for in a recruiter? We look for risk takers. How do we identify risk takers? We find that the risk-taking trait manifests itself in recruiters in three different ways. The first way is how they tend to want to be paid for performance… Read more

When Is the Right Time for a Retained Search?

Today I wanted to answer some questions I get when it comes to the difference between a retained and contingent search. When should you use each one? The answer we hear from many other recruiters is to only use a retained search for high-level executive positions. Frankly, I’ve found that… Read more

How Big of a Raise Should Make You Consider Moving?

Back in the mid-90s and early 2000s, making a move was much more profitable than it is now. Back then, prospects were getting anywhere from a 15% to 20% increase in pay to make a move. During the market crash, that increase dropped to 3%. People were making a move… Read more

How Can You Create a Good Corporate Culture?

Request a Consultation – Hire Us to Fill Your Job Openings What do people really mean when they ask about corporate culture? It’s nice to be able to take your dog to work or have an office softball team. Those kinds of things are important in cultivating a company’s culture.… Read more