The Best Ways to Prepare for an Interview

How do you effectively interview? How can you prepare for an interview? Whether you are a two-year or 15-year veteran, most people are not good at interviewing for two reasons. First of all, socially, we are not really allowed to talk highly about ourselves or brag about ourselves, so we’re… Read more

What Benefits Are Wooing Candidates?

Today we are here to answer a question from Jennie, an HR manager in the Twin Cities who asked, “What are candidates honing in on right now when choosing an employer?” The first big thing we are hearing from candidates is that they want to join a company that is… Read more

5 Tricks to Make Hiring a Treat

Halloween may be here but don’t “freak out” when a top performing staff member has left your company and you have big shoes to fill! Here are a few tricks to help make the recruiting process “less scary.” 1.) Stay positive  Finding top talent for your company is a process, so… Read more