4 Tips to Impress a Client During an Interview

Request a Consultation – Hire Us to Fill Your Job Openings If you’re a job candidate, what can do to make sure that you impress the hiring authorities in your interview? First off, make a great first impression. 90% of hiring authorities make their decision within the first two minutes… Read more

5 Tricks to Make Hiring a Treat

Halloween may be here but don’t “freak out” when a top performing staff member has left your company and you have big shoes to fill! Here are a few tricks to help make the recruiting process “less scary.” 1.) Stay positive  Finding top talent for your company is a process, so… Read more

Five ways to attract top talent through an internship program

A recap on Govig’s Summer Internship Program Internships are not only a competitive process for students. Attracting top talent on the company side can be a difficult process as well. With internships sometimes looking the same on paper by presenting similar ‘real-life’ work, what can a company offer to set… Read more